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Tax Credits, Savings,
and Incentives

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Furnace Rebate

Turn Up the Savings

Since about 50% of your energy use can go toward space heating and cooling, having a furnace that works effectively and efficiently is smart.

ENERGY STAR® has set the standard for heating and cooling optimization. Furnaces bearing the ENERGY STAR mark perform up to 15 percent more energy efficient than baseline models, which translates into valuable energy cost savings.

Rebate Amount

As a natural gas customer, you may earn $250 on your qualifying furnace purchase.

Smart Thermostat Rebate

Heat & Cool with IQ

Boost the brainpower of your home or business when you install a smart thermostat. Control your comfort with a tap on your smartphone screen or schedule your system and let the thermostat do all the work. An improvement so smart, it will earn degrees.

Rebate Amount

As an electric or natural gas customer, you may qualify for a $50 rebate.

Colorado Springs Utilities offers HVAC Rebates.

federal rebates

Check out what federal rebates you could earn for your new HVAC Equipment.

Energy Star, Federal Rebates


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Advantage Heating offers Financing. Email today.

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