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Commercial Services

Roof Top Units - Cooling Towers - Heat Pumps - Air Conditioners - Furnaces - Commercial Boilers - Split Systems - Make Up Air Units - Thermostats - Humidifiers - Air Purifiers - and more!

New Commercial Builds


Advantage Heating has an entire commercial department capable of handling multiple large scale projects

We can take a look at your project and provide a competitive quote in a timely manner. Advantage can be counted on to handle equipment ordering, and will have team members meeting inspectors to keep your project on track.

Email us your prints, let's talk about your project needs, and let Advantage give you a competitive quote.


Install and Replacement

If your commercial unit quits working on you, Advantage is capable of replacing it.

Whether you are looking for a like for like replacement, wanting an upgrade, or looking for an addition to your building, we will be able to provide you with a quote and get your project scheduled quickly. Our install and replacement quotes include your equipment, materials, labor, permits with the local regional building department, and when needed, we can coordinate and include cranes and electrical services for you.

Call or email Advantage today to schedule your free quote!


Unit Repair

If your heat goes out in the night, or you lose your air conditioning in the middle of Colorado's heat wave, Advantage is able to get you back up and running! 

With priority access to local vendors, we have the ability to fix your unit quickly.

Did you know that Advantage offers 24/7 Emergency Service?


Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Automation

Proper Maintenance Reduces Costs: 

Mechanical systems that are properly maintained reduce down time, reduce energy costs, eliminates the cost of emergency repairs, and mitigates the risk of production losses caused by unscheduled system failures.

Automated system monitors and controls:

Our automation services help commercial and industrial clients avoid unscheduled repairs and damage and identify and accelerate needed maintenance. This system may also result in lower commercial insurance payments by reducing the risk of unanticipated HVAC system failures. We also can proper faster more precise service because it can let us know exactly what needs to be serviced or repaired.

Did you know that Advantage offers 24/7 Emergency Service?


In Shop
Duct Fabrication

One thing that makes Advantage unique is our shop. Advantage has our own sheet metal fabrication tools which allow us to make our own ductwork and fittings. We can offer better pricing and faster lead times because of our shop's capabilities. 

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