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Max Heat Mini-Split Heats Pumps

The Smart Whisper Max Heat is equipped with all of the features and benefits that the Smart Whisper carries' along with the ability to provide high heating capacity down to -13°F outside ambient temperatures. The integral base pan heater helps ensure that that water from defrost cycles drains properly. These added feature allows the Smart Whisper Max Heat to perform in a myriad of applications' from warm to cold climates everywhere.

  • The Triangle Design Cools faster farther and wider - the ultimate cooling design
  • Smart WiFi Access and control your system from anywhere with your smartphone
  • Digital Inverter Compressor Cutting edge Inverter technology works smart and saves energy up to 23 SEER
  • 2-Step Cooling Get cool quickly and remain comfortable
  • Single User Mode Reduces energy consumption when using alone (low demand operation)
  • Triple Protector Plus 3-way added protection to ensure long lasting performance
  • 3-Care Air Filter Helps eliminate bacteria' viruses and allergens
MODELTypeUnit Match or Number of ZonesClg Cap MBtuHSEERHtg Cap MBtuHHSPFRefrigerant ConnectionsDimensions HxWxDWeight
AR09KSWSPWKNCVWall AR09KSWSPWKXCV 9.0 23.5 12.0 10.5 1/4-3/8 10.3x35.3x10.3 25
AR09KSWSPWKXCVOutdoor AR09KSWSPWKNCV 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1/4-3/8 21.6x31.1x11.2 85
AR12KSWSPWKNCVWall AR12KSWSPWKXCV 12.0 21.5 14.0 10.0 1/4-3/8 10.3x35.3x10.3 25
AR12KSWSPWKXCVOutdoor AR12KSWSPWKNCV 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1/4-3/8 21.6x31.1x11.2 85

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  • All Parts for 120 months -
  • Limited Labor for 12 months -

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