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Yard Sign

Sign Up!

Sign up to put one of Advantage's Yard Sign's in your yard for a chance to earn gift cards!

  • Unique QR Code for your sign

  • $100 gift card for each qualified sale generated from your yard sign!

  • On install day, we will text/email you a gift card

  • Keep the sign as long as you want! We will come pick it up when you’re ready to be done!

What is a Qualified Sale?

We are giving out gift cards for Advantage yard sign holders each time we are able to make an equipment installation or replacement sale to a customer who mentions your sign. That customer must:

  • Scan the QR code and fill out the form assigned to your yard sign.

  • Call the office to book the job and mention that they saw a yard sign in their area. 

    • If the calling customer can tell us the address or cross roads of the yard sign they saw, it counts!

    • If the customer calls Advantage instead of scanning the QR Code to book the appointment and cannot remember where the yard sign was, it will be counted to the yard sign closest to them.​


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