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Natural gas fired tankless water heaters are compact heating units that provide hot water as it is needed and do not store hot water like traditional tank-type water heaters. When a hot water tap is turned on, a sensor detects the water flow and activates the tankless heater, which quickly raises the water temperature to a preset level.

Because tankless heaters do not store water, they are less subject to corrosion than tank-type heaters. As a result, their expected equipment life is possibly longer, typically more than 20 years, compared with 10 - 15 years for traditional heaters.

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Tankless replacement and new installations
Navien Tankless water heaters Navien

The staff at Advantage Heating and Cooling are Colorado Springs's Navien tankless water heating expert. We have offered tankless water heaters from Navien to El Paso County homeowners and businesses for more than almost two decades. Key benefits of Navien tankless water heaters include:


  • ½" gas pipe capable up to 24'
  • Field convertible gas system
  • Ultra condensing efficiency
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Low NOx emissions (20ppm)
  • SCH 40, 2" venting up to 75'
  • Cascading capable
  • EZNav multi-line control panel
  • Built-in HotButton control panel
  • Common vent up to 12 units

Are you curious to know if a tankless water heater is the right option for your family and your home? Contact us and one of our licensed and factory trained tankless technicians will evaluate you home and your family’s water usage to help you decide if a tankless unit is right for you.

Tankless Repair

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Advantage Heating and Cooling offers 24 /7 emergency service for all brands and models of tankless water heaters including Rinnai, Navien, Bosch, Noritz, Navien and more. Tankless water heaters offer great efficiency and unlimited hot water for Colorado Springs, CO area homes or businesses. However they are technically advanced. Properly servicing tankless water heaters, regardless of brand, requires extensive training, parts support, and years of experience. Tankless water heater service problems include:

  • Scale build-up: Causing reduced water flow, efficiency, and capacity
  • Inlet Water Filters Inlet water filters can become obstructed reducing water pressure and water flow
  • Improper Venting: Block or obstructed air inlet or venting typically caused by heavy snow or improper installation
  • Gas Supply: Intermittent flame failures cause by gas pressure problems
  • Condensate Issues: Higher efficiency tankless units produce condensation. This water needs to be removed from the unit and system venting properly
  • Changes in Hot Water Quality: Changes wait times for hot water or fluctuating outlet water temperatures
  • Noise: Tankless water heaters are usually quiet. New noises or louder operation would indicate a service issue.

With our years of experience, we know how great a properly installed and serviced tankless water heater can be. Almost all problems with tankless water heaters (or other modern HVAC equipment) are caused by improper installation, poor water quality, or improper maintenance. Take advantage of our expertise to help you enjoy many years of great tankless performance.

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